iProcess Online is an organization of administrative professionals, powered by innovative technology, that takes processing responsibility for any or all of your back office functions—accounting, human resources, payroll, you name it—freeing you to focus on what makes your company grow. Our solution fits your needs, your business rules, providing you with 24/7 access to your data and business intelligence like never before. Our rapid deployment process makes the solution a reality in a matter of weeks, not months. Better yet, we guarantee our solution will save you money!

Focus on Your Business

iProcess Online helps businesses grow by streamlining back office functions. We untangle the administrative mess enabling you to focus on what matters. The benefits to you? Our solution helps improve performance, reduce costs and create value.

Efficient & Accurate

By applying our expertise and technology to your most annoying ongoing problems, we clear the way for smoother operations and provide you with the information about your business you need to make decisions.

One Provider

Process Online is your single-source back office solution provider. Instead of juggling multiple providers or dealing with the headaches of personnel issues, focus on your business. Tired of looking for the perfect solution internally? Then look to us, we can handle all of your administrative processing.

Your Support Center

Your data and our work product at your fingertips, iPOWeb is our collaborative workspace offering you: Document Imaging (scan & fax), Knowledge Management (documents, content, search & retention), Business Process (workflow), Collaboration (projects, documents and meetings) and Business Intelligence (managed & ad-hoc reporting and ad-hoc query analysis). iPOWeb is easy to use, even people intimidated by technology find iPOWeb simple to navigate and quick to learn.

Who is iProcess

iProcess Online combines people and technology to help small-to-medium-size businesses run better, at lower cost. We organize and administer all your back office functions by providing a completely integrated suite of solutions.

We are Subject Matter Experts

We know accounting, finance, human resources, payroll, and general administration—all the back office functions critical to your business. All iPO staff receive extensive training in their specialty fields before iPO certifies them to work with clients.

We are Empowering

iPO technology gives you the power to make decisions because all of your administrative data is in ONE place, accessible instantly, 24/7, through iPOWeb, our secure extranet site. We handle the processing and you approve invoices and new hires, make vendor and employee inquiries or analyze cash flow, any time it’s convenient for you. Plus, other company personnel have everything they need to perform their jobs, customized to their needs.

We Make it Simple

Find out how today’s sales volume in your Des Moines location compares with the Midwest district, or last year’s same-day sales. See how much you spend on marketing on the East Coast, which invoices have been paid this month, and which haven’t—right now! Look deeply into your company’s business intelligence.

We Go the Extra Mile

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone were always there, watching out for your best interests? Well, we are. Specifically, we monitor your business processes, when things are out of the norm, we let you know. Forget to submit a timesheet, we’ll let you know. Missing a bank transfer, we’ll give you a heads up. Other providers do not have this level of dedication to their clients. We feel it’s important to provide this level of service to you as your back office solution.

We are Your Back Office

We work with your company to map and analyze each aspect of your back office, fitting our process oriented solutions to your needs, following your business rules. If you need additional support, an iPO representative is always available to help.

Why iProcess?

What sets iProcess apart from payroll services, bookkeepers, accounting firms, and other business process outsourcing providers?

One Provider, Multiple Solutions

Juggling and trying to integrate the services of separate providers is challenging, time consuming and not cost effective. Consider us your total solution for human resources, payroll, accounting, finance, business intelligence, and administrative services. We can handle it all; we are your back office.

Your Rules, Your Needs

This isn’t about us, it’s about your business. Everything from how financial statements look, to specific processes, based on your rules, your needs. We don’t expect you to change to meet our needs. Rather you can expect us to meet your needs by integrating your business rules into our solutions.

Low Implementation & Set Fee Structure

Some providers make their money by getting huge fees up front and making it an unwise economical decision to ever leave, we would rather keep you as a customer through our outstanding service and innovative solutions. Our implementation fees are nominal and simply cover our costs. Many providers have hidden costs, especially for payroll processing. You’ll save money and we won’t surprise you with a year-end bill for 941, 940 and W-2 processing.

Deployment in Weeks, Not Months

Through the utilization of best practices, our process is efficient. Unlike other providers, we don’t need months for deployment. After we learn about your needs and business rules, we go right to work.

Easy Access to Your Data

While other solutions may appear accessible, more often than not, they require specialized training, proprietary software or fail to provide the ability to effectively use the data. It’s your data, you should be able to access it in a number of familiar formats. Using and accessing your data shouldn’t be a challenge, we make it easy. 24/7 Availability Your data and our work product at your fingertips, no matter what time of day or day of the week. You and your staff can have access to everything or limited based on access levels, via secured extranet. You can stop waiting for information to be sent to you, we provide you with real-time up-to-the-minute information.

Human Resources and Payroll Solutions

Human resource needs are as diverse as the people you employ. Through HRWeb, iPO’s secure “people portal,” you access a comprehensive portfolio of human resource solutions in the areas of Workforce Administration, Benefits, Compensation, Development and Payroll. We process it all. From payroll check printing and delivery, wage attachment and garnishment, to paid-time-off, benefits enrollment and leave of absence processing— HRWeb makes managing your employees easier. You can even customize HRWeb to your needs and create ad-hoc reports that give more accurate assessments of your people.

Accounting and Finance Solutions

Did you get into to business to crunch numbers? We didn’t think so. iProcess Online crunches all your numbers more quickly and cost effectively than you ever could, providing a comprehensive portfolio of accounting solutions in the areas of General Accounting, Sales and Revenue, Procurements and Disbursements, Fixed Assets, Inventory, Financial, Treasury and Risk Administration. General ledger account reconciliation, cash receipts application, vendor invoice entry, cash disbursements, fixed asset and inventory item tracking, standard financial statement reporting, deposit verification, bank reconciliations, worker’s compensation and general liability administration, weekly cash flow reporting and more — it’s all here.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Is there ANYTHING you need to know about your business to make it run better? Our comprehensive portfolio of business intelligence solutions enables you to find the information vital to the success of your company. In addition to managed and ad-hoc reporting and ad-hoc query and analysis, our capabilities include extract, transformation & load (ETL), relational data warehousing, multidimensional databases, and data mining. Simply put, we can take your business intelligence from multiple sources and deliver it to you any number of ways and formats.

Administrative Solutions

Enhance productivity and unlock business potential with dynamic information sharing and collaboration tools that foster teamwork and improved performance. Our integrated Administrative Service Solution is best summarized by its functionality: Imaging (scan & fax), Knowledge (documents, content, search & retention), Business Process (workflow), and Collaboration (projects, documents and meetings).

Specialty Solutions

Chances are there are more back office functions you’d be better off not handling yourself. And chances are we can handle them more efficiently. iProcess Online provides a comprehensive portfolio of specialty solutions in the areas of Regulatory Assistance, Audit Support, Policies and Procedures and Point of Sale Integration. Get help with sales and use tax compliance, business licenses and permits, business rules, point of sale integration and reporting, and much, much more.